Eight counts of felony injury to a child, one count of misdemeanor injury to a child, and MURDER.  And it's her own baby.

As a parent, you just can't wrap your mind around this kind of stuff.  I have five kids and I grew up with 6 different brothers and sisters.  I love kids.  I love all kids.  The good, the annoying, the bad, all of it.  It's part of who they are and what makes them unique and just seeing them so innocent and special is a blessing from God.  So when someone does something like this, to a kid... I cannot find the words.

According to KTVB 22-year-old Amanda Jean Dunlap, who is know facing multiple charges including murder is currently under watch at the Ada County Jail.

We don't have all the details yet and that's probably a fortunate thing because these kinds of details are hard to read.  Hard to know about.  We do know that back on October 8, 2017 St. Luke's Magic Valley called the Twin Falls Police Department about a 20-month-old baby in distress.  That baby eventually died on October 14.  An investigation immediately ensued and Friday morning a warrant was issued for Dunlap's arrest.

The Boise Police Department assisted the Twin Falls Police Department in apprehending Dunlap and transporting her to the Ada County Jail where she waits to see what kind of evidence she's up against.

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