Yes, women in The Gem State get paid less on average than men do.

Three years ago, working women in Idaho were making around 85% of what men make on average. That number is disturbing enough. Even worse, since then that number has plummeted to 76.5%. So, for every dollar a man makes working in Idaho, a woman will make about $0.76 cents.

Before we raise our pitchforks, there may be a tiny bit of logic behind this. Experts say that on average, women are employed in lower paying industries than men, such as retail. Women make up over 60% of the retail in Idaho. Education is another lower-paying job, with females making up 69% of that workforce.

While there's no denying that there is a definitive wage gap in The Gem State, the numbers are slightly less disturbing when you take the career paths into consideration. That being said, it's obviously not alright that a women should make any less for a job well done than a man does. More needs to be done.

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