I have lived in several different states and as you get ready to move, it's easy to assume certain things about those states. Before moving to Idaho its really easy to assume all things potatoes unless you educated yourself. I knew that Idaho was located in the Pacific Northwest, but according to the comments a lot of people aren't really sure where Idaho actually is.


Knowing that people automatically assume certain things about Idaho, I wanted to ask our listeners "What's one thing people automatically ASSUME about IDAHO, but isn't true?". I posted this question on our Facebook page and also on Reddit in an Idaho group.

But, people were also having fun with this question.

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Not only did we get some really good reaction from Facebook but there was a completely different reaction from the Reddit post.

When it came to the Reddit post we saw more things like "Stop assuming we all are on board the alt-right crazy train" or "that we're a safe haven for extremist rights. We are not on your side. We want equality through proper measures".

When it comes down to it there's so much you can assume about every state, if you were to really think about it. Some assumptions can be true but if you were to actually ask a local, your assumptions may be debunked.

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Here are the comments that ended up with the most traction on our Facebook page and the question I posted on Reddit. After you go through the comments, is there anything missing? If there is, I would love for you to add to the thread.

Stop Assuming This About Idaho

After asking listeners on our Facebook page and submitting my question on an Idaho Reddit page here's what stood out!

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