If you don't remember, a handful of people have done absurd things to embarrass the state of Idaho. Not just like little things, but we're talking national headline news. Idaho, though, besides the unfortunate killing of 4 University of Idaho students, has done a decent job of staying out of the headlines. Yes, Idaho has made national news, but that was because Idaho, for the last several years, has been an excellent place for people across the country to move to.

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Before that, we have someone special to thank for putting Idaho on the map. Do you remember Nathan Apodaca? I know he hasn't made the most significant impression lately, but when he did his video skateboarding with Ocean Spray while listening to Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams.' Going viral for something like enjoying ocean spray while skateboarding is something we can get behind in Idaho.

Then, on the other hand, there are people in this beautiful state who make national news for the most cringeworthy things they do. Secondhand embarrassment is a thing, and for someone still relatively new, I hope my family and friends don't end up coming across the stupidity that sometimes occurs here. Idaho has had its fair share of "Karens" to domestic terrorists, and someone who decided to feed their sick puppy to a snapping turtle was a good idea. Who does that? You can't forget about the mom who got arrested at the playground. Let's look back at the Idahoans who have completely embarrassed our state.

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