The legal limit for a DUI in Utah has just been reduced to .05 and laws in Idaho may be changing too. Here's what lawmakers are discussing. 


I don't think we will see the legal limit dip to .05 here in Idaho anytime soon, if ever, but they are looking at changing the laws about where alcohol can be served.


According to the Idaho Statesman, the House approved legislation on Thursday that would repeal the law that says alcohol can't be served at explicit live or nude performances. What they are proposing is that businesses like strip clubs would still be banned from serving alcohol, but booze could be served if an explicit performance was held at a theater or concert hall and was essentially an artistic performance instead of something sexual.


The House State Affairs Committee, which is made up of mostly conservative legislative members voted 8 to 6 to send the exemption bill to the House floor.


We've had issues in the past of the law being broken or stretched. Two Idaho State Police Officers were served alcohol during a burlesque show. If the law is changed, this would no longer be a problem. Theaters in the area also came under fire for serving alcohol during "Fifty Shades of Grey."


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