As one of America's most popular lunch items, the sandwich is perfect for any meal. The breakfast sandwich it's thought to have first appeared in East London in the 19th century and was sold to factory workers. It started with fried eggs, meat, and sometimes cheese served on a roll called a bap, according to Taste Atlas. The breakfast sandwich can be found on any menu with breakfast options. McDoland's invented the Egg McMuffin in the early 1970s, and has become a household name. 

Where's the best breakfast sandwich in the Treasure Valley? 

That's what we are here to share with you. With so many breakfast joints in the Treasure Valley, how do you choose? 

What do you like on your breakfast sandwich? 

We can help you find a new spot, praise your favorite place, or even introduce you to a breakfast sandwich you haven't had before. LoveFood compiled a list of "The Best Breakfast Sandwich In Every US State." It must be a big deal for anyone who makes this list in Idaho. It's a big enough reason for us to write about it. 

Who did they name in Idaho as the best breakfast sandwich in Idaho? 

The best breakfast sandwich in Idaho is also on our list of the best breakfast sandwiches in the Boise area, but is it #1? This breakfast sandwich that took the title has egg, cheese, arugula, and crème fraîche. You can get this breakfast sandwich at Certified Kitchen + Bakery in Boise. 

Where does your favorite land on the list? 

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