Who's ready to pregame?!

Gosh I love football. It's one of my favorite things about fall. Aside from the action on the field, I love the atmosphere. It's electric. Especially before the game because everyone is amped up for their team.

Hence, tailgating.

If you're unfamiliar, tailgating is the act of celebrating the game before the game begins. It takes place in the parking lot of the stadium and involves music, games, and food. Many people bust out their grills and smokers and serve up some delicious dishes.

There are some pretty traditional dishes that you will see at a tailgate. Essentially it's a giant barbecue/potluck. I mostly see burgers, hot dogs and chips at tailgates. Oh, and plenty of beer. However, in some places you'll get brisket, chili, Frito pie, rotisserie chicken and a myriad of snacks and desserts.

But what about fries?

french fries with green onions and pull pork
TobinC, ThinkStock Images

We found a list at Food.com that selected a top tailgating food in every single state. Their selection for Idaho is pretty spot on. I mean, we're know for potatoes. And that means we are known for fries.

Now, the only thing that can make potatoes and/or fries even better is to load them up with delicious toppings. Cheese, bacon, sour cream, chives... the list goes on and on. So it's no wonder that Food.com selected a version of this as the top tailgating dish.

Loaded potato fries.

Who wouldn't want to join a tailgate serving these up. I can see it now... a giant trough of hot, steaming fries paired with a table loaded with all kinds of condiments and toppings. Load your plate and load your fries. OK, now my stomach is rumbling.

What do you serve at your tailgate?

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