What is our fascination with horror movies? Why do we seem to gravitate to the macabre and paranormal to be entertained?

With Halloween coming up in a few weeks, more and more of us are seeking out the movies and shows that make us creep out, or freak out, or have a hard time getting to sleep. The folks at Reviews.Org have been keeping track of what you and your neighbors have been watching on Netflix to help get you in the Halloween "spirit".

In Idaho, it seems we have some draw to the "From Dusk To Dawn: The Series".  Here's a quick reference map of the whole country for you to check out. You'll see we're not alone with the "Dusk To Dawn" series.

What's YOUR favorite scary, horror, paranormal, vampire, werewolf, monster, creepy clown movie?

Photo: Reviews.Org
Photo: Reviews.Org

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