This dish may actually be more popular than the traditional turkey.

I'm going to try to get through this post without drooling all over my keyboard. It may prove to be more difficult than I think. See, we have Thanksgiving rapidly approaching and well... this girl loves to eat. I can almost literally smell the photo of the turkey above.


And while many homes will be serving up a delicious, juicy turkey on Turkey Day, some may be looking for another dish on their table this year. In my family we have so many family recipes that have to available otherwise it's just not Thanksgiving. Since I'm no Gordon Ramsey, I usually opt for the easier sides rather than risking making the main bird. So which dish are we looking for?


This is according to Delish who created a list of the recipe we are searching for the most in Idaho as the big day approaches. Yep, we love our biscuits. These stick to your bones, are perfect hot out of the oven, and can help you sop up all of those delicious gravies and sauces on your plate.

They're everything.

There are some interesting dishes on this list. For instance, Alaska is searching for cinnamon roll recipes while West Virginia is all about the buffalo chicken dip. Then you have Nevada with their monkey bread, Tennessee's sausage balls, and Kansas will be serving up ham and cheese pinwheels. OK, I'm salivating.

What is a unique dish you serve at your Thanksgiving?

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