Oh yes forbidden love. Although it has been done time and time again in various stories, versions and even different characters, the most well known is iconic Romeo and Juliet. Two people who love each other but because of what they are born into are not allowed to ever be together. It leads them both to their own endings. There is a Romeo and Juliet story based right here in Idaho. This forbidden Idaho couple never seemed to 'pass over' all the way and are still said to haunt where they met their end together.

According to Kootenay legend, a young Kootenay maid once fell in love with a Kootenay Brave, or warrior. However, the chieftain of a tribe hostile to the Kootenays threatened war if he was not allowed to marry the maid, making it impossible for the young lovers to be together. Since the star-crossed maid and her Brave knew they could never be married, they made a suicide pact and tied their wrists together - symbolic of their eternal union - and leaped off a cliff into Spirit Lake." - Ranker

Another tragic ending for young lovers because they couldn't be together. These two are said to still be in the area, well their spirits at least. Over the decades visitors and locals have claimed hearing their "mournful cries floating up from the water and some have even claimed that on moonlit nights, they can be seen gliding across the lake in a phantom canoe."

The lake name 'Sprit Lake' seems quite fitting now.

Couple Reflection, Photo by The HK Photo Company on Unsplash
Couple Reflection, Photo by The HK Photo Company on Unsplash

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