We have all been impacted by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 in some way.  For some, it’s been by health and for others it’s been financial.  Here in Idaho, we’ve been fortunate to be able to keep our case numbers down and our employment losses have been kept at a minimum.   

According to WalletHub, last week Idaho was ranked 49th out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia when it comes to unemployment claims.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, Idaho ranks 38th.  Our unemployment claims are up by over 148% since January and up 1870% since the beginning of the crisis.  Those numbers aren’t great but when compared to other places in the country, it’s stellar.   

It’s Georgia’s unemployment rate that leads the country, up over 4955% since the start of the pandemic, while Florida had the worst week with unemployment claims up over 2665% week over week.  The biggest news for Idaho is that while our unemployment claims are up by just over 148% since January, that represents the lowest percentage in the country.   

Source: WalletHub

While the impact of the coronavirus has been ugly, this is a good reminder that it could have been much worse.