The three lawsuits were officially filed last week and accuse Valley County Sheriff's Captain David Stambaugh of misconduct in various ways along with . These three separate lawsuits came from three separate male individuals. James Cole, Ed Parker and Jason Speer, all now have lawsuits against the Captain. All three plaintiffs are being represented by a Boise attorney who is known to represent police officers. Attorney Joseph Filicetti officially filed the three lawsuits accusing separate misconduct issues.

According to Associated Press, one lawsuit accuses Valley County Sheriff's Captain David Stambaugh of threatening to assault a deputy who no longer works there. It has not been confirmed who brought which lawsuit forward but I can only think that it was one of the plaintiffs. Another lawsuit alleges the Captain of using a fake name on line and releasing personal information while doing so. I would love more information on this one like what personal information was released and why. Unfortunately as of right now, details like that have not been released yet.

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The third lawsuit also involves The Valley Country Sheriff Patti Bolen. This lawsuit is accusing negligence in the selection, hiring process and retainment of Sheriff's Captain David Stambaugh by Sheriff Patti Bolen. The Idaho Statesman tried to get more information on the lawsuits and tried to get comments from a Valley Country public information officer but they were turned away. This lawsuit which is turning into an instigation is still under wraps. As more evolves with this story I will keep you updated.

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