A story broke a few days ago about some guy who really caught himself filming in the girl's locker room at Rocky Mountain High School. 

According to KTVB 23-year-old Andrew Kim of Meridian busted into the locker room on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 between 2nd and 3rd periods and then videotaped himself pleasuring himself using a student's phone.  The parts of the video that seemed appropriate to show to the public in efforts to catch Kim didn't take long to start getting some hits.  Kim's own family members recognized him from information released and he has now been arrested on charges of sexual abuse of a child under 16 for causing a minor child to witness an act of sexual conduct, and one count of burglary for entering the school with the intent to commit a felony.

Kim is currently being detained at the Ada County Jail and has also been charged for violating his probation for video voyeurism.  I've never even heard of video voyeurism but it doesn't sound good and this guy needs some help.  He's off the streets and in jail where he belongs.

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