Get ready to raise your glass!

No matter the season, there's always a great excuse to shake up a cocktail. My husband has recently gotten into mixology and he loves to try new concoctions. We're even researching how to do some interesting infusions with lavender and mint. And yes, we're growing those fresh herbs too.

Cocktails can be tricky though. You have to have the right balance of liquor to mixer, acid to sugar, zing to zang... you get the point. Needless to say, we have turned to Google plenty of times for recipes and inspiration.

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Idaho's Most Popular Cocktail

Recently we found a list of the top cocktails in each state. The list was crafted by a clothing site called Pour Moi. I guess the best outfit is accessorized with a great cocktail?

After digging through 100 million Google searches over 12 months, they were able to determine what we are serving up.


Yep, our favorite cocktail is essentially a party in a glass. A classic sangria features wine, fruit, spice and sometimes some seltzer to liven it up. And the best sangria, in my humble opinion, marinates for a bit before it is served.

Although I would have thought our perfect cocktail would have included a potato-derived vodka, I can't hate on sangria.

Depending on what you put in your sangria, you can sip on it any time of year. In the summer you might use peaches and pineapple with white wine. Whereas in the fall you might use apples and cinnamon with a red wine.

Maybe that's why we like it, its versatile.

So get a little creative with this cocktail. And if you're a sangria pro, share your signature recipes with us.


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