I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I asked "What do you think is MISSING from the Treasure Valley?" Angeline Caza said it best with the first comment on the Facebook post "You just opened a can of worms...". I think its a can of worms that needs to be open right?

If we as a community want to make our community better, than what better way than ask the people that are living here. There are comments ranging from politics to wanting big box stores in town. A lot of the comments in the thread are in regard to how people are treating others, common sense, and missing the land that was here before the Treasure Valley is what it is today.

What I did appreciate as well was people just having some fun. Alexander Martin said "3 Story Topgolf" knowing that one was being built here's how that comment thread looked like. 

attachment-Top Golf

How many people are actually attending city council meetings? How many people are voicing their opinion when it comes to expanding or actually trying to preserve the land, the agriculture, and what truly matters to Idahoans? I'm guessing there's not a lot of people actually attending these meetings and voicing those opinions.

It's just a small sample, but I think we can see what our community is really missing.

With just over 90 comments and I'm sure number will continue to grow, which if you don't follow us on Facebook here's how the conversation started and if you don't follow us, please give us a like.

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