I have an 8 year old boy and I am desperate to get him started in some kind of team sports. I know I am a little late in the game - pun intended - I would love to have had him start a couple of years ago but between a move, covid, and a custody battle it got put on the back burner. Now however, now that we are just gearing up freezing cold winter season, now we are ready. Go figure, we couldn't get it together when outdoors games and practice is enjoyed in glorious warm sunshine but no, we have to figure out how to get things going with more limited options, indoors.

I put together a list of the indoors team sports options that I could find in the Treasure Valley for youth. If I am missing any that you know about please fill out the simple form below and I will add it for others convenience.

Boise Indoor Soccer - located at 11448 W. President Drive in Boise. The website says "We play all year and leagues are always forming." There is a simple email to enquire or webform.


Mettle Sports Nampa - In the summer they have a Jr. NBA for youth who will be entering grades 3-6. The website says "We will help your athlete improve basketball skill development and take their game to the next level in a fun and competitive environment." They also rent out the facility year-round for youth sports like in this Facebook post.


i9 Sports - The website says " i9 Sports offers youth sports leagues for kids throughout the Boise area. To ensure we have something for everyone, families can choose programs in sports such as flag football, soccer, baseball, basketball, ZIP Lacrosse™ and volleyball. We are committed to providing age-appropriate instruction for boys and girls age 3+."
This opens up a whole world of possibilities as they seemed to be linked to a ton of local youth sports teams, chapters and leagues. A quick search through their website was super helpful.

City of Boise Parks and Recreation - The city has quite a few things happening for youth and adults of all ages, interests, and skills this winter through spring. "Our team is offering a variety of programs, camps and virtual classes in the coming months."
For Youth Sports they currently have Golf, Ice Hokey, Ice Skating, Martial Arts and Dance.


Boise Youth Soccer, School of Soccer - Various teams play in different places around town that all work together. "The School of Soccer is divided into 3 stages of development. The Kiwi is for toddler and pre-K ages 2-5 and is the foundation of our school and instills the love of soccer at an early age. The Owl is for ages 6 and 7 and is a vital stage for developing kids that play with confidence and sound fundamentals. 8 and 9 year old's typically find themselves on The Raptor, the second stage in the evolution of the Academy player."


YMCA Idaho - The YMCA offers various sports for various ages. They have camps based around the sports but also team sports. Everything from basketball to soccer, to fitness to martial arts.


Everything Eagle says, "Eagle is family-friendly with numerous after-school and weekend activities awaiting your children (and adults)! With many different sports leagues and enrichment programs available either right here in Eagle, or nearby in Meridian or West Boise, you will be sure to find something for everyone in your family to enjoy!" They have tons of useful information for various local basketball, soccer, swim and more for youth and adults.


Meridian PAL Soccer, "Meridian PAL Soccer is proud to be considered one of the foremost developmental youth recreational youth soccer programs in Idaho. Meridian PAL offers opportunities of soccer development to youth from Meridian, Kuna, Star, Eagle, and the Boise area and hosts games at one of the best soccer fields in the state, Heroes Park."


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Even though most people don't stop to check this place out, you really should. It is very impressive and fantastic for kids, teens and adults. 

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