When it comes to automobile accidents, most of the time it's just that.  An accident.  And this one is no different as far as we can tell.  Most likely caused by slick roads and bad weather but when someone's NOT wearing their seatbelt and they're NOT the one that loses control behind the wheel of a car that's crossed the center line, you'd hope that they don't get the worst of it.  Unfortunately, that's not what happened this morning around 7:30 on Highway 95 near Weiser, Idaho.

37-year-old Mary Nobbs was doing everything right.  Seatbelt on, lights on, driving somewhat cautious because of the weather and then BOOM!  Out of nowhere, a vehicle flashes in front of her eyes coming straight at her giving her no time to adjust or make any kind of decision as to how to avoid a massive tragedy.  And then it was all over.  Nobbs died from severe injuries right there on Highway 95.  Authorities were on the scene asap transporting others to the hospital, gathering evidence, and diverting traffic but there was nothing anyone could do at this point for Nobbs.

I often think about those moments when even her family doesn't know yet.  What's it like for them to get that call?  And then all the follow-up calls that are necessary but force loved ones to re-live that moment over and over again because they have to explain what they know.

What we know is this.  According to KTVB, 38-year-old Marriah Petersen of Emmett, Idaho was driving her Ford pickup northbound on Highway 95.  She lost control of the vehicle around milepost 74, slid over across the center line into oncoming traffic and ran into Nobbs Toyota.  Also involved in the crash was 26-year-old Samantha Myers who was driving a Chevy right behind Nobbs.  Both Nobbs and Myers were wearing seatbelts.  Peterson was not.  Peterson and Myers were immediately transported to the hospital and we don't know at this time what their condition is.  We can only hope and pray that they'll both be o.k.  Nobbs was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Idaho State Police are currently investigating the crash.  Traffic was shut down for about three hours but is running smoothly now.

I just can't help but think about this poor woman's family.  36 is way too young to go.  My heart hurts for these people.  I'm praying for you.

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