Fry sauce is very regional to states like Idaho and Utah. In fact, I never even knew of it's existence before moving to Idaho and was surprised to find it at pretty much every single food place that sells French fries. It's the perfect blend of mayo and ketchup and I'll admit I don't know how I've been able to go this long without it.

But let's pretend just for a second that fry sauce NEVER existed. What ever would Idahoans dip their fries into?! Here are some popular responses that may either intrigue or you trigger you. Be prepared to be either inspired or outraged.

1. Milkshakes (specifically a Wendy's frosty)  - "If you DON'T dip your fries into a chocolate frosty at Wendy's then you're doing it all wrong. It's a top tier combo." Avery, Boise 

2. Ranch - "I use ranch for everything so it's my obvious go-to for French fries." Kelly, Meridian 

3. Gravy - " French fries and gravy really is no different than mashed potatoes and gravy, right?" Derek, Boise

4. Tarter sauce - "Can we please normalize French fries and tarter sauce together because anyone who's never dipped their fries into tarter sauce is truly missing out." Breanna, Nampa

5. Buffalo Sauce - "Buffalo sauce and French fries were made for each other." Eric, Meridian

6. Cheese - "Cheese please! Who doesn't love cheese fries???"

7. NOTHING - "Fries taste perfectly fine on their own. I don't use a dipping sauce." April, Eagle

The good news is that fry sauce will always be around as long as ketchup and mayo are always around. Can you support any of these dipping sauce alternatives though? Personally, leave me out of that gravy combo please!

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