A true Idaho celebration for sure. After all potatoes are kind of our thing. Today is National French Fry Day. How many fries does the average American eat? It may surprise you... National Today says, "Estimates say Americans eat around 30 pounds of French fries per person each year." That is a lot of potatoes!

While we can claim the potato flag French fries were certainly not started in Idaho or even in the states. When it comes to the birth of the French fry National Today says, "While the precise origins are unknown, the item hit the culinary scene sometime in the 1700s. It had taken an entire century for potatoes to become widely accepted as food, arriving in Europe in the 1600s."

Well even if we didn't come up with the concept Idaho certainly perfected the French fry. With fresh local potatoes and creative flavor and seasoning combinations we've got it down in the gem state. Don't even get me started on fry sauce - How it is not an international sensation is beyond me.

Funny enough Idaho's famous giant potato is celebrating the day in Madison Wisconsin. Local news outlet WMTV says, "The Big Idaho Potato Truck, which is comprised of a 72-foot long flatbed trailer, stars a 28-foot long, 10-foot wide, and 11.5-foot tall, 4-ton Idaho potato is celebrating National French Fry Day this year in Sun Prairie." That's not all the area is celebrating all things Idaho with a giveaway to our local potato hotel. "You can also enter a competition on MOOYAH’s website to win a two night stay at The Big Idaho Hotel. The sweepstakes ends on July 31."

Check out places to score free fries today below and keep scrolling for some fascinating potato facts that I bet you didn't know followed by the best places in the Treasure Valley to get the tastiest fries.

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Idaho produces more potatoes than any other state. That may not be a surprise but did you know on average in one year is is over a billion dollars in revenue for the state?! That is a lot of potatoes.  How much do we really know about these potatoes that have helped make our great state what it is today?

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