Just like so many other families, my siblings and I are trying to figure out more opportunities to spend time together. Time goes by so fast so creating those memories are important but difficult to make happen.

My sister who lives in Portland suggested taking all the kids and spending a weekend camping. I thought this sounded like a good idea, seeing as how we never really did that much as children.

But after talking to other siblings, specific camping things were discussed such as making sure we have electricity and Wi-Fi. Then we started talking about if that truly is camping.

While I understand that the ladies want to have access to all of those creature comforts, that really doesn't seem like camping to me.

The Interior Department has been reviewing recommendations to modernize campgrounds and adding amenities like Wi-Fi and even adding a food truck to sites are being considered.

Do you think it still counts as camping if Wi-Fi and Food Trucks are on site?

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