It might feel cool now but the weather is warming up and soon, it'll be time to start planning and booking a vacation.

If you're into hotels or somewhere more "traditional", the spot we found in California definitely isn't for you.

An escape to... the desert?

That's right - the desert but hear us out! This isn't just any desert that we're talking about, these "earthy" homes are located near the Mojave Desert.

For $618/night, you can stay in an Airbnb known as the Bonita Domes in Joshua Tree, California. The buildings look like something out of the cartoon The Flintstones on the outside but boy are they luxurious on the inside.

Don't plan on having any parties at this property though - the listing highlights the fact that noise travels a lot further in the desert (that's comforting, right?) and it could cost you heavily if you try to have more guests than the property allows.

According to the listing, there is a $500 fine for "disregarding sound and noise policy" and a "$750 fine for disregarding guest and event policy."

However, if you can follow the rules and have the cash ($3,732 before taxes for five nights), you're in for one memorable trip.

No hotels, no pesky neighbors - just you, your loved ones, and the Mojave Desert.

Let's take a look at the living quarters of arguably, one of California's most unique Airbnb for rent.

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