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If you're only taking long weekends for vacation, you're vacations aren't long enough! You better read this, and put in for some time off!

It never fails - you come back after a few days off, and almost everyone asks, "How was your vacation? Did you have an awesome time?" You smile, and say "great, thank you!"
Inside though, you're thinking, "ugh...I could have really used about another week off..."

Well, you're not alone, and it may be coming to light that 3 and 4 day weekends, while nice, aren't really what you need to totally decompress and get in a better state of mind before you head back to work.

Hey, even if you love your job, you still need time off. Your physical and mental health need it. So how much time should you be taking for vacation? According to the Journal of Happiness Studies you should be chillin' out somewhere for AT LEAST 8 days! Even better if you can swing 14 days! While a two week vacation may not be realistic for those of us living in the real world, you should try to take at least a week or longer to relax.

I guess it takes the 8 day minimum for you to finally let go of the stuff that spins in the back of your head the first few days of vacation. This may explain why, sometimes in the middle of the night, you wake up, and can't go back to sleep. I HATE when that happens.

So start planning, and see if you can't get away for more than a 3 -4 day weekend, and finally chill out! I hope you can make it happen!

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