Ahhhh, toes in the air, sun shining and a cool two-hour tour down the Boise River.  Finally... it's here!

Hundreds of people took advantage of the kick off yesterday which is the latest the Boise River Floating Season has ever started.  That's o.k! We're glass half full kind of people.  God has blessed us with beautiful sunshine and perfect weather to pump up those tubes and rafts and set sail.

None of this would be possible without so many people coming together to make sure the river's safe for us all.  Below you can see just a small sample of what these guys are doing that whole time we're whining about not being able to jump in.


Everyone's excited to take that traditional float just make sure that in all the excitement you don't forget sunscreen, lots of water, life jackets (especially for the little ones), and NO alcohol.  Be safe, have fun, and we'll see you on the river.

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