We get quite a few high speed chase stories in the Treasure Valley. Usually going up or down 84. This one was on the water though, our beloved Boise River. The high speed chase was as high speed as the current would take him anyway. I first found out about this from our Production Manager Mark. He was at the post office in Downtown Boise off of 13th near the greenbelt and Boise river.

According to Mark, he saw multiple Ada County police yelling for a man to get out of the river. He refused. The man wanted to float the river even in off season. The rule, from what I have heard, is that if you float the Boise River in off season you are responsible for the costs with your rescue.

The river is high right now and it is not considered a safe time to roll down the river. This guy didn't seem to care one bit though as cops and rescuers were urging him to get out he just kept cruising forward. Police followed along side him for quite some time.

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I reached out to Ada Country Sheriffs office for comment because I have so many unanswered questions. Was he fleeing police from something that happened before the river? Did they catch him? Did he make it out? I have been checking on news sites and Ada Country socials but haven't seen anything about it yet and am still waiting on a reply. If and when I hear back, I will update you with more details.

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