How have your morning commutes been? Pretty terrible? Yeah, me too.

If you think Idaho is full of terrible drivers now — that’s not just an excuse anymore — that’s a legitimate thing. Let’s just say, when it comes to the best and worst states to drive in, Idaho isn’t looking very good.

Now, these kinds of stories are always so interesting to me, because some Idahoans will look at this and say, “Be better Idaho!”

But other Idahoans will look at this and say... “Good! Now maybe people will stop moving here!”

Where do you stand? For me personally, I just want to get to and from work safely. And right now, Idaho is one of the WORST states to drive in. There’s a recent article from The Hill (and WalletHub) that shares the best and worst states to drive in for 2023.

Where is Idaho on the list?

Coming in at #6 — Idaho is in the Top 10 WORST states to drive in...

The Hill reports, “To rank the states, WalletHub compared them across four key dimensions: cost of ownership and maintenance; traffic and infrastructure; safety; and access to vehicles and maintenance. Researchers then broke those dimensions down into 31 relevant metrics, including things like average gas prices, the share of rush-hour traffic congestion, number of days with precipitation, road quality, traffic fatality rate, car theft rate and auto-repair shops per capita.”

6th worst, Idaho? I can’t believe it, we’re officially one of the worst states to drive in.

Keep scrolling for a list of the other bad states to drive in, according to WalletHub 👇

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