We all send and receive the typical Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Hope You're Good cards but what card have you ever received or given that really makes a difference?

Carly and I just received such a card and we wanted to share it with you.  Don't get me wrong.  I feel blessed anytime I receive a card no matter how much or little is said and in whatever context.  But when someone takes the time to truly open their heart and tell you how much you mean and why... that's special.

This card comes from a man named John who lives in Nampa, Idaho.

I owe you guys a lot. Around this time last year I fell into a terrible slump after I was told my grandfather was going to be gone before the end of the year.  I was heading to work one day when I stumbled across your show. At first I was like " great another boring listen" but I was wrong. Rick made some really stupid remark and it made me smile. I started listening daily, even on the weekends.

After about a week I realized that happiness can come from literally anywhere, whether it’s making yourself look like a fool or the gift of giving.  Rick and Carly, y’all gave me my life back and when my grandfather passed the day after Christmas I listened to your show and it buffered the blow. I still had life threatening thoughts (towards myself) but your happiness regardless of what was going on in the world pulled me through.  It's kinda like saying a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at the office. It’s been all smiles since mid February, Rick said on one of the shows if you’re not happy with a job or where you live or something in life then change it for your needs and that's what I did.

Rick and Carly, you guys have more of an impact on people’s lives than you think.

Thank you.

I challenge each and every one of you to send at least one card that makes a difference.  Tell them how much they mean and tell them why.  There's so much good that can be done in this world with so little effort.  Most of us sit back and watch others do when we should be the ones doing.  So I challenge you.  DO, don't watch.

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