Everything is so much more expensive these days, and considering affordable places to live has become a top priority for Idahoans. Why is everything so much more expensive?! Well, we know why, but we don’t need to get into that.

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Navigating the rising costs of living in Idaho can be a challenge for families trying to make ends meet. As expenses soar and incomes remain stagnant, finding an affordable place to live, especially for families, becomes crucial. Beyond basic necessities, it's also important to look for decent housing, savings, and opportunities for family activities etc.

HomeSnacks recently revealed insights into the most budget-friendly communities in the state of Idaho, and while our state boasts diverse offerings, from vibrant cities like Idaho Falls to college hubs like Moscow and charming ski towns like Sun Valley, the focus shifts to where your Idaho dollar stretches furthest.

In their analysis for 2022, Blackfoot emerged as the most affordable place to live in Idaho for families. However, there's a new town that takes the crown for 2023, and it's right here in the Treasure Valley...

Emmett, Idaho is now officially the most affordable town for families in our state. Notably, Emmett wasn't even on the list in previous years. Amidst other changes to the list, Weiser, Preston, and Idaho Falls are no longer on the list of affordable towns for families, and Lewiston and Rupert have now beed added.

Beyond affordability, Emmett exemplifies a community where families can thrive. As we approach the holiday season, the community will have many festive activities, and have access to any of the events in nearby cities like Eagle, Boise, and Meridian.

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