Boise residents are seeing some higher prices at the pump this week as there's nearly a 20-cent rise in gas prices, bringing the average cost now to $3.69 per gallon. Keep in mind, at that start of the year it was $2.98 per gallon. Will we continue to have higher gas prices or will there be another dip?

The increase we're experiencing here in the Boise area is significant, as KTVB reports, "Boise prices are 49 cents higher than a month ago." They are shared that the cheapest gas station in Boise this week was priced at $3.57 per gallon on Easter Sunday — with the most expensive gas station being priced at $3.99 per gallon.

Will it last?

In the beginning of the year, political observers were quick to draw connections between the sudden drop in gas prices and the fact that 2024 is an election year.

Election 2020 Lol GIF By Joe Biden

Historically, election years witness politicians deploying measures to alleviate financial burdens on citizens, and reducing gas prices proves to be a popular move to win over voters. However, there's been a steady increase in gas prices this spring, so many are now wondering if this rise will continue, or if prices will indeed drop again. What do you think?

In light of the recent surge in gas prices, experts suggest keeping a close eye on global oil market dynamics and geopolitical tensions, as they could significantly influence future price trends at the pump.

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