Have you ever wondered how caring your city is? We all like to think we're pretty compassionate folks. But some cities seem to take it to a whole new level. So, where does Boise rank on the scale of compassion?

Well, let's dive into this intriguing study by WalletHub that aimed to find out the most caring cities in America. They looked at 100 of the largest cities. They used 38 different metrics to measure how much each city cares for its community, the vulnerable, and the workforce. 

So, drumroll, please... The top three most caring cities are Madison, WI, Boston, MA, and Virginia Beach, VA. Now, you might be wondering what makes these cities so special. Well, let me tell you.

Madison took the crown due to its residents' generosity. They're willing and eager to lend a hand, donate their time, and share their resources with those in need. And Boston? It's not just about the clam chowder and Red Sox. Bostonians are known for their big hearts, as they donate the most money online per capita and show immense care for their environment and the homeless population. As for Virginia Beach, it's not just the sandy shores that make it stand out. Its residents are avid volunteers who give their time generously and live in a city with a notably low crime rate.

The study also sheds light on the importance of caring for children and other relatives, the role of citizens in fostering a caring community, and the evolving landscape of care services. It's a gentle reminder that every act of kindness, no matter how small, makes a difference.

If Boise residents wanted to be proud to make a list, it should be this one.

The 100 Most Caring Cities in America

The number-crunching gurus at WalletHub looked at cities throughout the country and rated them on kindness indicators, like a community's crime rate, DUIs, child and adult poverty rates, pet shelters per capita, ADA compliance, and nurses per capita...a total of 38 different indicators were weighted and categorized.
When the dust settled WalletHub.com totaled all up and assigned each metro a score from 1 to 100, with 1 being the worst and 100 being the best. Here are the 100 Most Caring Cities in America.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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