A recent study by Stacker has uncovered the best towns for retirees in America, challenging common beliefs about the perfect retirement spot in Idaho. This unexpected results puts the spotlight on a town that may not be on everyone's radar but has a lot to offer.

Known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor appeal, Idaho has always been attractive to retirees looking for a peaceful and natural setting. Even more so in recent years, many have moved to Idaho for their retirement years. However, the data suggests that the top pick for retirees might not align with popular perceptions among Idahoans.

Garden City, Idaho

Garden City | Photo by Jennifer Grismer on Unsplash
Garden City | Photo by Jennifer Grismer on Unsplash

This unassuming town along the Boise River, with a population of 11,743, a median household income of $46,311, and a median home value of $213,200 (with 59% homeowners), according to Stacker, combines affordability with a strong sense of community.

Shaped by its rich history tied to the Boise River, a favorite spot for fishing enthusiasts, this town has not only retained its connection to nature but has also embraced a lively arts scene in recent years.

Garden City, Idaho, is an ideal retirement destination that provides a perfect balance of nature and urban amenities. With numerous parks, riverfront trails, and a moderate climate, it offers outdoor enthusiasts a fulfilling and calming lifestyle. The town's proximity to Boise ensures access to attractions, diverse food and dining options, and a lot of healthcare facilities, making it an appealing choice for retirees seeking tranquility with convenient urban amenities.

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