Ever wondered what that most dangerous jobs are in Boise? Do you think your job will be on the list? You're in the right place. Stacker recently released an insightful article shedding light on the industries in Idaho where workplace injuries and fatalities are the most prevalent.

There’s a job for everything, and some jobs are more dangerous than others. In fact, there are whole industries that can be dangerous. But what are the most dangerous jobs in Idaho? What industries in Idaho have the most workplace injuries and deaths?

The data stemming back from the year 2020 highlights the industries most susceptible to workplace accidents, including agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, construction, and transportation and warehousing. Notably, the challenges from the pandemic propelled healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, into a category with elevated rates of injury and death, too.

There used to be approximately 14,000 workers per year that would die on the job in the 1960s, but now, and largely because of OSHA and different regulations that have been put in place, that number is under 5,000 workers per year.

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