The daily grind of morning commuters in Boise has only become more drastic (and more dangerous) over the last few years, since about 2019. This has actually been proven by data, that Idaho is now home to the worst drivers in America.

Idaho has also been recognized on national lists for having some of the most accidents per capita in 2023. People who've been living here for a while find this aggravating because they remember at time when driving in Idaho was more pleasant and smooth.

There's a recent post from a local Facebook group, Boise - Bad Drivers Spotted, that shed light on a frustratingly relatable scenario: Have you ever had this happen to you before?

Jr. Z | Boise - Bad Driver Spotted
Jr. Z | Boise - Bad Driver Spotted

Four vehicles, side by side, all cruising under the speed limit during the morning rush hour. That's one thing that is guaranteed to frustrate Boise morning commuters.

The post expressed the exasperation felt by many: "Seriously, you don’t have to be 4 wide all going under the speed limit, no one in front of them, on the morning commute."

Boise commuters, already familiar with the challenges of navigating through traffic, deeply resonate with this post, commenting on similar experiences and sharing their own tales of frustration. At the time of writing this article, the post has generated 140+ comments from locals who can unfortunately relate.

Notably, while this post is entertaining to many, it also serves as a reminder to Treasure Valley commuters to remain vigilant and considerate on the roads.

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