When you think about “the deadliest” or the “most dangerous places in Idaho,” thoughts typically veer towards crime-ridden cities, treacherous hiking trails, or adrenaline-inducing sites like the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, where daredevils routinely parachute off its heights. It's a common assumption, but these are not actually the deadliest, most dangerous places in Idaho.

Surprising as it may seem, the Idaho Transportation Department has designated Blue Lakes Blvd. in Twin Falls, Idaho, as the number one most deadly, and most dangerous place to be in the state of Idaho. The revelation (and stats) is bound to leave you in disbelief...

According to Only in Your State and the Idaho Transportation Department, the number one most dangerous place in Idaho is...

Blue Lakes Blvd. | Google Streetview
Blue Lakes Blvd. in Twin Falls | Google Streetview

Blue Lakes Blvd. in Twin Falls, Idaho

Here's what they said: “According to the Idaho Transportation Department, over 35,000 cars per day travel down this main drag in Twin Falls — a huge number for a non-urban city. Many of these drivers are travelers on their way to Jackpot, others are tourists visiting the renowned Shoshone Falls and Perrine Bridge, but the majority are simply commuters.”

While the Perrine Bridge was a contender, it's not the bridge itself that is more dangerous, but rather the surrounding roads that pose the real danger and where there are far more reported deaths and injuries. Yes, you read that correctly. Because of the amount of commuters and reported accidents, these roads, statistically, are more dangerous than parachuting off the bridge.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

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