It's hard to travel anywhere in Idaho without seeing how patriotic Idahoans display American Flags. Most neighborhoods have many if not most, homes that proudly fly the Stars and Stripes. As the nation prepares to celebrate its independence, several cities prepare to honor our country uniquely. 

Nampa, Idaho, has two events, one in May and the other in June. The city will host The Parade of America on May 20th at 11 am this month. Next month the Treasure Valley God and Country Festival will honor our faith and country on June 28th, including the area's largest fireworks display. 

We could continue to list patriotic events that honor America; however, how does the rest of the nation view Idaho? Are we the most patriotic state in the country? Is there a survey or study that ranks states based on how much they love America?  

American Flags on Boston Common

Our friends at WalletHub completed a study ranking who loves America the most. They determined America's most patriotic state by looking at how many residents served in the military, veterans living in the state, and civilians working for the military. Other factors that influenced the poll were the share of folks who voted in primaries and general elections, volunteered, served in the Peace Corps, or did other civic activities. 

Was Idaho number one? Top five? Top ten?

Let's find out by looking at America's top 10 patriotic states below.

Check Out The 10 Most Patriotic States In America

Let's look for Idaho!


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