If you've ever read any of my previous work before, you could probably tell that I am all about "the weird." Whether it's the paranormal or if it's aliens flying around the skies of Idaho, I am all about unexplained phenomena. One could argue that the fun part about this type of thing is the conversations and theories it provokes. There's always a constant debate about whether or not UFOs (or unidentified aerial phenomena as they're now called) exist or if someone's video of a ghost is real.

Idaho's favorite mysterious furball just so happens to fit under that umbrella of "weird" - our old friend, Bigfoot. Thankfully, there is an organization that is dedicated solely to tracking down Sasquatch: The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).

You want to talk about a group of researchers who don't mess around? That's the BFRO, baby, the "FBI" of the Bigfoot game. These amazing individuals keep records of hundreds, if not thousands, of Bigfoot eyewitness accounts. They even schedule "Bigfoot Expeditions" that unite people to hunt for the lost beast in the woods... across the country! To me at least, this is awesome and terrifying at the same time.

Why? Because think about it - what will happen to the first person who comes face-to-face with the big guy? I seriously think it's doubtful that Sasquatch would reveal himself to a group of researchers unless, of course, he had a whole team (or family) of Bigfoots - now that idea is terrifying.

Within this database though, I found five Bigfoot encounters that took place just outside of Boise, and let me tell you... they're creepy. The one that sticks out to me the most involves "screams" in the night, in the middle of the woods - that's a huge NOPE from me!

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