Driving in the Treasure Valley is somewhat of a "skill" and if you don't hone your skills, you could wind up like some of the drivers caught in this "fail compilation" of Boise drivers.

Who doesn't love a good fail compilation?

Seriously, who doesn't? There's nothing like getting a good laugh at someone falling into a puddle of water when they didn't mean to or perhaps little Timmy falls off the monkey bars and everyone has a good chuckle.

The thing is - this particular fail compilation video which was put together by YouTuber Farzan F. is terrifying. It's a bit scary to think that there are people doing things shown in the video and seemingly have no care in the world about it.

From boats falling off the back of trucks to giving the finger before dangerously cutting someone off, here is a look at some of the highlights of a video showcasing Boise's driving fails.

Someone Made A Fail Compilation of Boise Drivers And We Can't Look Away

How many of these "fails" have you encountered on the roads?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Are we nervous yet? There's no telling what is driving (pun intended)these people to make these bad decisions but we see it all the time... especially with road rage. Do some of these other videos of Boise drivers accurately represent driving in the Treasure Valley?

Remember When This Boise Driver Used Their Headrest As A Weapon?

A wild road rage incident is caught on camera and it happened right here in Boise at the corner of Fairview and Cole. Scroll on to see the shocking footage.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

We have to remind you that we aren't condoning road rage but these images/videos are pretty hypnotizing. We get it too - we all have bad days and sometimes someone just pushes the wrong button. But it's okay to take a second and think things through before reacting with a knee-jerk reaction.

Perhaps this woman should have done that before popping off on a father and daughter leaving a Boise event a few months back.

Boise Driver Reminds Us Why Road Rage Is A Bad Time

If you plan on engaging in a road rage situation, you're going to have a bad time.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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