Look, I'm all about people finding love one way or another but when does trying to meet someone become a little... "cringe"?

Forget dating apps, it's all about Craigslist!

Anything can happen on Craigslist - anything. Whether you want to find some free furniture to pick up from the side of the road or if you want to find the next drummer for your band, you can literally find anything on Craigslist... but can you find love?

In my search for things to write about and share with you, I took a dive into the "Missed Connections" area of Boise's Craigslist to see how people in this realm find love.

Now, I am no pick-up artist myself and I would probably be so screwed in today's world of dating if I didn't already have my wife and three kids. Between technology and how people communicate today, I would be so lost.

That being said - I am not sure that I could ever have the "you know what" to post about a "Missed Connection" on Craigslist, looking for someone I randomly saw in a public place. First off, I am not sure that anything would come of it and secondly, it almost seems like some of these people are just downright creepy.

While some of these posts in the "Missed Connections" are a bit cringe, there are some that are wholesome and simply people looking for love. As to which are which? Well, I'll leave all of that up to you.

Let's get right to it!

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