Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell is located at 2024 N. Illinois Ave. and makes a strong case for being the most haunted in all of Idaho... and there is video evidence that can back up that title.

"The Phantom Jogger" Caught On Camera

According to legend, there is a ghost that will jog across the cemetery in the middle of the night if you park between the two trees, across the street from the entrance at midnight. Supposedly, the apparition will even knock on your window to let you know that it's arrived.

That's a huge nope from us. Luckily, someone else did the creepy work for us and they may have very well caught the most concrete proof we need to know ghosts are active at the cemetery.

There are a few creepy images caught in this video but we want to know what you think - is this proof that a ghost is "jogging" the Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell?

Why This Cemetery Is The Most Haunted In All Of Idaho (VIDEO)

This video of Canyon Hill Cemetery makes a strong case for being one of the most haunted in all of Idaho...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

If for some reason this isn't enough to give you the creeps, how about taking on one of the most haunted trails in all of Idaho? Hikers report "hearing screams and calls from the river. It is believed that these noises are from individuals who died while rafting the river."

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If you're enjoying all of this evidence of paranormal activity in Idaho, you're going to LOVE this video of a ghost haunting a mine in Nevada... maybe.

It's the stuff of nightmares, at least to us, and looks like what happens before a horror movie takes a turn for the worst.

Creepy Haunted Nevada Mine Video Will Keep You Up At Night

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