God bless our teachers, especially Idaho teachers - we often take them for granted. Most parents expect schools to be fully staffed with teachers, ready to mold our youth for the future. Not many parents ever stop to ask: "Will teachers still be around when my child goes to school?"

Teachers need love too... and money.

I would imagine that in this day and age, it's as challenging as ever to be a teacher. With kids having access to phones, they're exposed to all kinds of things that can influence behavior. We haven't even talked about what these kids may be dealing with (or escaping from) at home that impacts their behavior at school. Between enforcing discipline and oftentimes, having to dip into their own wallets to put a classroom together, teachers deal with a lot.

The question now is:

Are teachers being paid enough to put up with everything that being a teacher comes with?

We looked at data from World Population Review and discovered that Idaho is among the worst states for teachers. As a matter of fact, it ranked in the top 15 states with the lowest average salary for teachers. Let's look at the data...

Idaho Teachers Are Among The Lowest Paid in the Country

Teachers in Idaho aren't compensated nearly as well as they could be in surrounding states according to WorldPopulationReview.com.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

As I mentioned, I can't imagine what teachers go through in the classroom. How oblivious am I? I've been out of school for nearly 20 years and have absolutely no idea what the climate is inside of a classroom yet. My oldest is five years old and will be attending school this year; only then will I get a small sample of what schools are like these days.

Until then, we have these amazing (and hilarious) reviews of schools in the Boise area.

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I know what you're wondering - which school is the best? I'm glad you asked!

Idaho's Top 10 Best Public High Schools

According to the rankings on Niche.com, these schools earned the distinction of the best public high schools in the Gem State. Factors considered included academics, teachers, clubs & activities, administration, food, diversity, college prep, health & safety, sports and resources & facilities.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Now, we have a weird question to ask, but...

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