Let's face it: Nampa doesn't get enough love. Boise gets a ton of attention for obvious reasons and even Meridian (see: The Village) takes some of the spotlight from time to time. But why is it no one is talking up Nampa?

Or are they?

Some people might prefer the vibrant city life that Boise has to offer but there are plenty of reasons to show some love to Nampa. According to WorldPopulationReview.com, Nampa has a population of 117,082 and while that's less than Boise (240,713) and a tad smaller than Meridian (139,422), Nampa still has plenty to offer as the smallest of the three. Despite that, it's not uncommon to hear locals make jokes about Nampa.

For example, one of us met someone out at an event recently and she joked that she was "from West Meridian" because she didn't want to claim Nampa as home. Ouch!

Not everyone feels that way and found the reviews to prove it. Let's take a moment to show a bit more appreciation for the city of Nampa that may one day surpass Boise as "the city" in Idaho.

10 Reasons Why We Should Show Nampa More Love Than We Do

Nampa doesn't seem to get the same type of attention that Boise or even Meridian gets. Here are ten reasons Nampa deserves more love from the people who live there.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

If you're looking for a home in Nampa and the cash, you'll want to check out this stunning home that's fit for a Hollywood celebrity. It comes with a stunning walk-in closet, a jacuzzi, and yes, a movie theater.

This Nampa Home Seriously Belongs in Hollywood

All over the Treasure Valley, there are homes for sale, big and small--grand and humble. We recently stumbled across this home and had no idea we were in Idaho anymore. Plot twist: this straight 'outta Hollywood home is for sale in Nampa, right now!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We can't forget about the amazing food that not just Nampa has to offer but also Caldwell, another city that is on the rise. Let's look at some of the best restaurants that these two cities have to offer...

20 of Nampa and Caldwell's Top Rated Restaurants for 2023

Maybe 2023 is the year where you want to expand your horizons and give a restaurant you haven't tried before a chance. According to TripAdvisor, these are 20 of the best in Canyon County!

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