First of all, I'm never one to judge anyone for anything whatsoever. When people do things or choose a lifestyle that I wouldn't choose, I don't ridicule or think I am better. Rather, I ask questions and if anything, am more interested in what's going on because I know I will never experience it firsthand.

"Don't judge something until you read a horrible review about it on Yelp."

- (Maybe, maybe not) William Howard Taft, Chief Justice of the United States, (1921-1930)

To Bare or Not To Bare

Nudity is quite often associated with subjects such as sex and lewd jokes but there is a whole other world out there where nudity equals freedom. While it may sound taboo, the popularity of nude resorts is prevalent when you take a look at just how many nude resorts are operating across the United States.


What Makes A Horrible Nude Resort?

Sometimes people don't always realize what they're getting into or they could simply be caught off guard from not reading the fine print of a nude resort. Other times, it could be a seasoned veteran of nude resorts realizing that facilities (or staff) just aren't up to standard. Using reviews from Google, Yelp, and other resources, I compiled together a collection of bad reviews left by people from a variety of backgrounds. Some might gross you out, some might make you laugh, and others will leave you shocked.

Let's take a look at reviews of Idaho nude resorts that will make you blush.

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