When you get engaged, visions of your “Big Day” dance through your head. Venues. Colors. The wedding party. It’s the first step into what’s supposed to be your happily ever after. 

We sincerely hope that’s how it plays out for you, but those of us that have walked down the aisle know that it’s not always sunshine, lollipops and pretty flowers. The more years you spend with your partner, the more tests your relationship faces.

Some couples are able to navigate their way through it, often with a little help from a marriage counselor. Others just aren’t able to move past what caused the marriage to crack and decide that divorce is the best way for everyone involved to find their happiness again. 

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It’s not easy, but it can be done quickly in Idaho. To get divorced, the plaintiff only needs to have permanent residence in Idaho for six weeks before proceeding with the request to divorce their spouse. From there, there is a 21-day waiting period before you can take the next step. 

Idaho is both a no-fault and fault divorce state. No fault means you don’t have to prove that you need to prove that your spouse did anything wrong. Fault means you’ll need to prove your spouse did something that falls under one of Idaho’s “causes for divorce” and that’s why you want to end the marriage. 

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So what does the number of failed marriages in Idaho look like? The United States Census Bureau’s “American Community Survey” provides a snapshot. The ACS takes a look at the percentage of people 15 and older that identify themselves as currently divorced in almost every city in America. 

In Idaho, that’s about 12.1% of people 15 and up. That’s a bit higher than the national average of 10.8%.

Which cities in Idaho have the highest number of people who identify themselves as divorcees? We took a look at Idaho’s 33 largest cities (must have a population of 5,000 or more) and this is how things shook out.

These 11 Idaho Cities Have the Highest Rate of Divorced Residents

According to data from the American Census Bureau's "American Community Survey" these 15 cities have the highest percentage of residents who are currently divorced. We pulled the numbers from their most recent survey available. (2016-2021.)

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The following information was gathered from the United States Census Bureau.

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