Did you know Payette is home to a professional IndyCar Driver?

He just competed in the Indianapolis 500 and he placed 27th — and he's going to be in Boise this weekend for a special event to celebrate cars and community. This particular event is a Father's Day car show to raise awareness for "Drive Toward a Cure for Parkinson's Disease." More details about the event below!

Who is this professional IndyCar Driver from Payette?

His name is Sting Ray Robb, and he's from Payette, Idaho.

According to his website, Sting Ray Robb is in fact his real name! His bio says he started racing at the age of 5-years-old with kart racing, and over the course of a decade, he achieved numerous national titles and secured the top spot among his peers in the United States on multiple occasions.

NTT IndyCar Series PPG 375 - Practice - Qualifying
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His list of accomplishments is very long, but here are his career stats...

186 career starts, 62 races, 61 poles, 114 podiums, and an overall 61% win percentage. And get this... he's only 21-years-old! He has quite the career ahead of him.

A proud sponsor of his from the area is Simmons Fine Jewelry, and they were actually able to go watch Sting Ray Robb race at the Indianapolis 500.

This Saturday, June 10th, join Sting Ray Robb for an extraordinary celebration of cars, community, and compassion at the Simmons Fine Jewelry Father's Day Show & Shine car event from 4-7pm! Here are the event details.

Showcase your prized vehicles alongside Sting Ray Robb's, and come together to support the Drive Toward a Cure cause, raising awareness and funds for a cure to Parkinson's disease.

Keep scrolling for a list of "Idaho cities if they were cars." I think we should add formula racing cars for Payette! 👇

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