Over the last few months, many students (and parents) were glad to get out of virtual learning and back into the classroom. The peer connection, the in person teacher instruction, etc. Well something has gone awry at Payette High School. According to Idaho News CBS Channel 2, Payette High school has been forced to be on lock-down due to the students being in protest.

The protest broke out this morning and Superintendent Robin Gilbert said the Payette High School went on lock-down because of it. As for what is causing these high schoolers to go on lock-down? We do not know just yet. The principal and the Superintendent is working on talking with the student president now to find out more.

***UPDATE*** I received this DM from a student at Payette High School who was involved in the rally, I am keeping her identity private since she is under 18 to be on the safe side... "I attend Payette High School and the reason we had this protest is because recently our gym teacher slammed and held a kid into the wall. Another kid broke it up and those two were sent to the office. They told admin what happened and they did nothing to the teacher." ***UPDATE***

Will officers be involved? As of right now no, so far everything has been peaceful but clearly the students are fed up over something or many things and need their voices to be heard. The Payette police have no plan of intervening unless it later becomes necessary for some reason, but no one is expecting it to. Apparently the kids were marching outside, but there was no danger to the students, the public or the staff.

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Back in my high school called Canyon Del Oro, home of the Dorado's, we had a couple of walkouts in my four years there. One my freshman year, (whoohoo! Welcome to high school) That one was actually to support the teachers, they were receiving embarrassingly low wages in Arizona at that time and quite a few of the high schools in the area joined in. That one actually worked as teachers and staff did receive a bump in pay (it took a few months, but it happened). The school also joined in the major nationwide school walk out in 2003.

I admire these students for standing up for fellow classmates and doing it peacefully to make sure their voices finally were heard.


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