On Monday, the Caldwell Police Department sent a press release regarding an officer who came in contact with fentanyl while detaining a shoplifting suspect. The Calwell Police Officer discovered the substance in pill and powder form. While the officer was driving the suspect back to Canyon County Jail, the officer started to experience symptoms related to fentanyl exposure. The officer then pulled over, called for medical attention, and then self-administered a dose of Narcan to stop the effects of the drug exposure. 

You can read the entire story here, Idaho Police Officer Hospitalized After Being Exposed To Fentanyl.

On Tuesday, April 25, KTVB published an article titled, "'You cannot give yourself Narcan if you are experiencing a fentanyl overdose:' Specialist weigh in on a Caldwell officer overdose."

The article focused on explaining why it's not possible that the Caldwell Police Officer could have experienced a fentanyl overdose. A medical toxicologist at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Dr. Ryan Marino, told KTVB, "What I can say definitively is that in this story and every other story like this, this is not a fentanyl overdose." 

The Caldwell Police Department didn't appreciate the article and has responded. 

In a press release that was shared on their Facebook Wednesday night along with the body cam footage, "Roughly twenty minutes following the handling of and exposure to the recovered illicit fentanyl, the officer transported the subject and began to experience physical symptoms that are commonly associated with exposure to fentanyl and/or other illicit drugs. As seen in the body-worn camera footage, the officer then relayed those symptoms to dispatchers, parked his vehicle, self-administered Narcan, and was transported to the hospital for treatment." 

The press release continued with what I thought was very sarcastic: " We appreciate the concern from KTVB and this medical professional. However, we are proud to say that our officer displayed the exact opposite reaction when he bravely and without hesitation responded to a call for service."

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Facebook Responds To KTVB Article

KTVB wrote an article titled "'You cannot give yourself Narcan if you are experiencing a fentanyl overdose': Specialists weigh in on a Caldwell Officer Overdose." These are the responses from The Caldwell Police Department.

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