Monday, a Caldwell Police Officer was hospitalized after being exposed to fentanyl. According to a press release from the Caldwell Police Department, two officers responded to a shoplifting in progress. When the officers arrived, they detained 22-year-old Marcus Vasquez inside the store.

While arresting the suspect, the officers searched the person and one of the officers located fentanyl in pill and powder form. After driving to Vasquez to the Canyon County Jail, the officer began to experience dramatic symptoms related to fentanyl exposure, including the beginning stages of losing consciousness.

When the officer started to feel the symptoms, his training and experience kicked in, and the officer immediately pulled over. The officer radioed for medical attention and then self-administered a dose of Narcan to stop the effects of the drug exposure. Other officers and paramedics arrived on the scene to provide first aid to the officer and the suspect. They both received emergency treatment at a local hospital.

Vasquez was later arrested for charges that included shoplifting and possession of fentanyl. The office is still in the hospital and expected to recover fully.

In the press release, the Caldwell Chief of Police Rex Ingram said, "Today, our officer cheated death and had the wherewithal to take immediate action when he stopped his car, requested help, and administered Narcan to himself. I would also like to mention that not only did he save his own life, but he saved the suspect's life too by stopping the car when beginning to lose consciousness after overdosing. I am proud of him for his actions and his split second decision making during this life and death situation which saved lives. This drug is literally killing Americans every day and we need to have a call to action. Enough is enough and we need to hold dealers accountable!"

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