The family of a missing Kuna man is afraid he may have been inside the pickup that fell into the Payette River on Sunday. 

43 year old Jerry Coburn went fishing over the weekend and never came home when he was expected Sunday night. His family now fears that he may have been in the pickup truck that was reportedly swallowed by the Payette River along HWY 55.


According to the Boise County Sheriff's Office a pickup headed north along HWY 55 veered off the side of the road and into the river at about 9 o'clock Sunday morning near the Gardena Bridge. He had planned to fish at Horsethief Reservoir.


Reports say that the man inside the pickup truck made it out of the truck and was on the roof of the vehicle when he was swept away in the river.


Jerry Coburn was driving a blue F-250 crew cab pickup truck and according to KTVB, an eyewitness says the truck that went into the river was blue or grey.


A license plate of the truck that went into the river has not been confirmed and since they don't have a body or even the truck, a positive identification can not be made at this time.


The search is actually at a standstill right now because the water is too high and too dangerous to search, but the public is being asked to keep their eye out for an evidence.


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