A Kuna man was just one number shy from winning that coveted $1.6 billion dollars last night, but he's still walking away with a good chunk of change. 

According to idahonews.com and the Idaho Lottery, Aaron Rosa matched four out of the five numbers and he had the Megaball number. The ticket scored him $30,000, but it's a far cry from what he almost won.

Rosa said the close but no cigar match is "heartbreaking to know he was only one number away or even a $3 million dollar win" had he matched all five numbers and not the Megaball, but it's still a lot of money.

Rosa plans to put the $30,000 towards the purchase of a house and says he purchased the winning tickets at KJ's Superstore in Kuna.

We had some other big winners last night here in Idaho. $10,000 winning tickets came from Kootenai County, Twin Falls County, and right here in Ada County. Another $30,000 was won in Twin Falls County.

Congratulations to those that won! I actually scored $2 and can't wait to cash in on my "prize" that I technically have to split with Rick since we went in on lotto tickets together!

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