In the age of social media and review platforms, leaving feedback has become second nature, whether it's for a restaurant, hotel, or as we're talking about today, a city.

Why do people go out of their way to leave a bad review?

It's easy to understand why someone might leave a bad review for a product or service – after all, we're paying for a specific experience and expect it to meet our standards. But how bad does a city have to be for someone to leave a review of it like it's a restaurant that screwed up their burger?

It could be that the person had a bad experience during their visit – perhaps they encountered rude locals, maybe they somehow got lost in the city or felt unsafe. Some of us have worked in restaurants (this author did some time at an Outback Steakhouse) and learned that people rarely leave good reviews... but everyone loves a bad review.

Another reason could be unrealistic expectations. People often visit a place with a visual in mind or an idea of how it's going to be, then it doesn't go that way.

What if these reviewers are in on it?

We know that people in Idaho like to joke about "how bad" it is here so people refrain from moving in but what if people really are leaving bad reviews to keep visitors out?

Maybe they want to keep their favorite spots from getting too crowded and don't want someone to fall in love with their spot then move here.

Ultimately, leaving a bad review of a city is a personal decision, and everyone has their reasons. While it's important to share honest feedback, it's also essential to keep in mind that one person's negative experience doesn't necessarily reflect the overall character of a city - especially the city of Kuna.

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