You can learn to sketch and paint with this class at The College of Idaho this Saturday!

If you've ever watched PBS on the weekend, chances are you've seen re-runs of
Bob Ross painting a happy tree. Maybe you caught Jerry Yarnell and his school of fine art. Maybe you caught Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer.

All three have something to offer to someone maybe thinking about picking up the brushes and a blank canvas...and giving it a try. I did it. I started out learning the basics by watching Bob Ross on PBS, then Jerry Yarnell, and now Roger Bansemer. I learned something from each one of them, and I am still learning from watching Jerry Yarnell and Roger Bansemer.

If you take a lot of photos when you travel, here's an opportunity to take a class that will help you learn the basics of sketching and painting while you travel, like you may see with Roger and Sarah Bansemer.

The class is this Saturday (9/30) at the College of Idaho. It's not a free class, but if you've been thinking about giving the hidden artist inside you an outlet, it may be something to check out!

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